Dans les petits pots les meilleurs onguents

Selon l’article du 11 janvier 2010 de PatentlyO:

The best national resource that I know of for individuals and very small companies is the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP). In my experience, most NAPP members are associated with small law firms and tend to do a better job of working with individuals. The NAPP website has a directory of members that is divided according to location and areas of technology. Of course, the NAPP site does not include any “ratings.” Many local IP Bar Associations also include a referral service. Again, those do not include any attorney ratings.

Même si l’Agence de brevets Fournier n’est pas sur NAPP, elle fait partie de ces petites firmes qui semblent avoir la faveur des PMEs et des inventeurs indépendants.