Rappel: Prometheus Laboratories v. Mayo (brevet-US)

Pour les praticiens en PI

Dans la cause PROMETHEUS LABORATORIES, INC. v. MAYO COLLABORATIVE SERVICES (628 F.3d 1347 (2010)) la Cour d’Appel fédérale des US se penche sur la question de la matière brevetable.

Selon la cour, la méthode de traitement brevetée satisfait le test “machine-or-transformation”. Bien que la cour reconnait qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un test exclusif dans un contexte Post Bilski , selon ellece test fournie d’importantes indices quand au caractère brevetable du sujet en question:

“...claims to methods of treatment, which are always transformative when one of a defined group of drugs is administered to the body to ameliorate the effects of an undesired condition.”

“…”determining” step to be transformative because it involves “[s]ome form of manipulation, such as the high pressure liquid chromatography method specified in several of the asserted dependent claims or some other modification of the substances to be measured, [which] is necessary to extract the metabolites from a bodily sample and determine their concentration.

Concernant les “mental steps”:

A subsequent mental step does not, by itself, negate the transformative nature of prior steps.”