Nouvel outil de recherche en ligne pour les demandes PCT

L’OMPI a annoncé dans sa dernière lettre d’information le lancement de son nouvel outil de recherche en ligne gratuit pour les demandes internationales via PATENTSCOPE(R).

New public online file inspection

WIPO is pleased to announce the launch of full online file inspection, via the PATENTSCOPE® search service, in respect of all published PCT applications which were filed on or after 1 January 2009. This is a free of charge public service. Most of the file contents of the international application will be made available online, with the exception of certain documents the communication of which the PCT does not permit (in particular, any documents relating to the international preliminary examination : see PCT Article 38 : and anything else which should be considered as confidential, such as credit card details which may have been given by the applicant to the International Bureau (IB) in its capacity as receiving Office).

The file contents can be viewed by clicking on the “Documents” tab when the international application is displayed in PATENTSCOPE®. Certain documents in the file of the international application (for example, the priority document, the Request Form (PCT/RO/101), Form PCT/IB/304 (Notification Concerning Submission or Transmittal of Priority Document) and Form PCT/IB/306 (Notification of the Recording of a Change)) are already available via the PATENTSCOPE® search service for international applications filed before 1 January 2009. Under the new full service, all correspondence sent to and from the applicant, and all notifications/forms issued by the IB, and by other International Authorities where available to the IB, may also be consulted, with the above-mentioned exception of certain documents/correspondence.

Over the next two months, the new service will cover only a few applications for which early international publication has been requested under PCT Article 21(2)(b), however it will be available for most applications, the publication due dates of which fall after the beginning of July 2009.

New International Application Status Report

On 27 April 2009, a new International Application Status Report became available online through the PATENTSCOPE® search service. This report, which can be viewed by clicking on the “ Documents” tab when the international application is displayed in PATENTSCOPE®, shows the latest available status information and bibliographic data on record at the IB for published PCT applications which were filed from July 1998 onwards. Intended for applicants, designated/elected Offices and third parties, the International Application Status Report is generated on request and contains:

  • the latest bibliographic data;
  • the most important status dates;
  • information about certain withdrawals, for example, withdrawals of the international application and priority claims;
  • the title and abstract in all available languages; and
  • information on the international search report, the international preliminary examination report and any supplementary international search report.

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