Guide pour l’examen de demandes de brevets en Chine

Selon un bulletin du cabinet chinois Liu, Shen & Associates le nouveau guide d’examen des brevets en Chine (“Chinese Patent Examination Guidelines”) comprend les directives suivantes (en anglais):

  • Non-enablement Is No Longer a Defense for Novelty of Compound Inventions
  • Chemical Product Characterized By Physical/Chemical Parameters Is Not Recommended
  • Novelty of Medical Use Claims Will Be Strictly Examined
  • Experimental Data Are Required for All Chemical Products Inventions
  • Inventions Relevant to Embryonic Stem Cells Are Unpatentable
  • Microorganism Derivatives Claims Are Unacceptable
  • Computer Program Medium Is Still Unpatentable
  • Three-element Criterion for Invention Relating to Computer Program Is Reconfirmed
  • Means Plus Function Is Now Allowable for Defining Product Claim for Invention Relating to Computer Program
  • Additional Showing Required in Establishing Novelty of Claimed Product Having Elements such as Performances or Purposes

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